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Lady with an umbrella, turning left, Claude Monet - description of the painting

Lady with an umbrella, turning left, Claude Monet - description of the painting

The lady with the umbrella is Claude Monet. 131x88 cm

In 1886, Claude Monet again returned to a long-tried plot. More than 10 years passed before a lady with an umbrella reappeared on his canvas.

The painter painted the first such picture from his beloved wife Camilla. Since then, a lot of water has flowed - suddenly Camilla died, the bitterness of loss gradually subsided, and Monet met a new woman, already elderly and married Alice Gocheda. Her adopted daughter Suzanne was destined to intermarry with the great impressionist, and become his new model. The master portrayed Suzanne with an umbrella twice - at one work she looks to the right, and at the other - in the opposite direction.

Amazingly, the sky is depicted on the canvas, occupying the vast space of the picture. The interweaving of white and blue creates a rapid movement. In general, all the work is full of movement and free breathing - and grass shimmering in the sun, and air, and the wind playing with a scarf and a skirt of a mysterious young lady.

If we compare the picture with the works of this plot content, written ten years earlier, then we can note what great qualitative changes the manner of writing Monet underwent. A clear image, a spectacular pose, an energetic technique, filigree possession of color - all these features will become the hallmark of the painter's unique and recognizable style.

Today this picture is considered one of the most successful among all the images of the ladies who took refuge in the shadow of their umbrellas. “A lady with an umbrella who turned left” - art critics specify, referring to this particular masterpiece.

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