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Hans Tietze and Erica Titze-Conrat, Oscar Kokoschka

Hans Tietze and Erica Titze-Conrat, Oscar Kokoschka

Hans Titze and Erica Titze-Konrat - Oscar Kokoschka. 77x136 cm.

The painting was commissioned by a family of art historians, fans of avant-garde painting. So Kokoschka happily set to work. During this period of his work, the author experiences not only a creative, but also a personal crisis. The years 1908-1909 accounted for the time of treatment for syphilis. The diagnosis became widely known to the public, to the scandalous reputation of a lecher and a rowdy, the glory of syphilitic was added. The pages of newspapers were full of calls to come to exhibitions of this type only with gloves and other unflattering pearls. Customers neglected public opinion ...

In the picture there are a couple of very different people in their internal sounds. If a man is tense, then the woman is immersed in her thoughts. The faces of the heroes are impenetrable, but the state is clear to the viewer.

The public's focus is on the hands of the heroes. The author painstakingly writes out each line of hands, adds bright colors and significantly increases the size of the palms, violating all conceivable proportions and breaking the perspective.

Using, along with brushes, fingers, needles, palms, the author emphasizes with nervous strokes the nervous atmosphere of the work, anticipates the rich and explosive life of the newlyweds. The color scheme of the background, sustained in colors that are opposite in gamut, fill the work with special energy, drama.

Despite the avant-garde vision and features of the transfer of space, the faces of the heroes are very accurately written out in the work. Art historians believe that this is the only work of the master, where people's faces are not subject to the distortion that is so characteristic of expressionists.

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