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Edward Munch Museum in Oslo

Edward Munch Museum in Oslo

Munch is considered by many to be the artist of one masterpiece. We are talking about the long-suffering Scream, which was stolen ten years ago from the museum, the entire exposition of which consists of the works of the ingenious Norwegian expressionist.

The masterpiece was returned to the place, two years after the theft. The robbers were not connoisseurs of painting, so the canvas suffered. Restorers refused to restore the lost fragment, hoping that in the future there will be funds for accurate renovation of the work. While a masterpiece, albeit in a damaged form, adorns a rich collection the Edward Munch Museum in Oslo.

The birth of the museum took place in 1944, when the will of the artist was announced. There was a war, the Norwegian kingdom was occupied, the royal family was evacuated to the United States. The Nazis in the government did not want to hear about the opening of the museum of the degenerate and pervert from painting. Therefore, Munch's legacy exhibitions had to be abandoned.

For a whole year, a special commission of the National Museum, almost illegally, compiled a catalog of the heritage of the great Norwegian artist. In addition to paintings, which accumulated more than a thousand, the master bequeathed to the city and people engravings, etchings, letters, sculptures, photographs, posters, documents. As for the rest of the property of the testator, it was practically not there, with the exception of a few personal belongings of the artist. As it turned out, the artist lived in his studio in the last years of his life and had nothing but his many works.

The museum was opened in 1963. By this time, a special building had been built, large enough to accommodate the entire legacy of Munch.

In addition to the richest collection of the artist’s paintings, the museum regularly demonstrates films about Munch, and is actively engaged in educational activities. The museum is also active in search of all the new works of the master, buying them up at various auctions. Every year, a special budget is allocated to the museum for these purposes.

In addition to the main exhibition, consisting of a collection of paintings, drawings and engravings by the master, a small exhibition of the artist’s personal belongings is organized here. Temporary exhibitions are also held, where works are presented, united by one theme, written in one genre.

The museum is open daily, except Tuesday from 10 am to 4 pm (in the summer up to 5 hours).

Entrance fee is 120 NOK. Twice a year, on the night of museums (May) and on Munch’s birthday (December 12), admission is free.

You can get to the museum by bus number 20. Stop - Museum.

Watch the video: Live Oslo, the new Munch museum, March 16, 2019 (May 2021).