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My Golden Moscow: how to spend two days off in the capital and not go broke?

My Golden Moscow: how to spend two days off in the capital and not go broke?

Everyone knows that Moscow is an expensive city. Every day, the metropolis offers a variety of entertainment that will not cost a single ruble, and you can get great pleasure!

The third Sunday of every month is the day when many museums in Moscow do not charge entrance fees from visitors. Of these, the most interesting:

  • The Bulgakov Museum is the same bad apartment described by the writer in his famous novel. Exhibitions are constantly updated. The museum is famous for its cultural program: meetings, readings, lectures. Most often, all these activities are completely free.
  • The State Darwin Museum is an interesting collection designed to prove to visitors the justice of the theory of species origin and evolution. The museum is very modern, no one will be bored here!
  • Moscow Museum of Modern Art - any similar museum in the world can envy the collection of paintings and sculptures of this institution. Fans of modern, complex and sometimes not entirely understandable creativity will be able to not only see the best works of masters, but also listen to the explanations of a competent and experienced art critic, as well as easily meet and chat with the authors of many works.

But museums are not for everyone. There is no better city for walking than Moscow under the sky. Go to the parks!

Sokolniki, Vorontsov ponds, Tsaritsyno, Izmailovo - it is unrealistic to get around in two days. But in each of the listed parks, events for visitors with the most different tastes are necessarily held on weekends!

In Sokolniki, for example, you can not only enjoy exquisite landscapes, alleys and fountains, but also play billiards, dance to live music on the dance terrace, and go rollerblading.

Gorky Park - A lot of attractions, the largest color music fountain in the capital, the most delicious ice cream that can only be bought here, a huge free Internet zone.

Moscow is the theater capital of the country. This banal thought should only push every guest of the capital to try to visit at least one of the Moscow theaters. Times are hard, tickets are not cheap ... But to see the performance on Taganka, in Lenkom, in Vakhtangovsky, in Maly ... These impressions will remain for a long time.

Moscow churches and monasteries - An indispensable component of the routes of all tourists. Novodevichy, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Elokhov Cathedral, as well as the cathedrals of the Kremlin - these are the main Orthodox churches that should be visited if possible.

In addition to pathos and expensive restaurants, the capital is full of very democratic catering establishments. Competition, the struggle for the client force owners to go to a variety of tricks:

  • Cafe Jean Jacques will allow you to be in the very center of Paris without leaving the city. An extensive menu, reasonable prices and a unique atmosphere. (Tsvetnoy Boulevard)
  • Restaurant Odessa-Mama - in addition to delicious food, here you will find comfort and hospitable staff. From the menu - fried mackerel with onions, Odessa potatoes and a warm blackberry menu. It is warm here at any time of the year.
  • Irish pub Mollis - two dozen beers and delicious Irish snacks for him. The score will not be ruinous, and the atmosphere of this institution will remain in memory for a long time.

If time is limited, but you want to see a lot, you should use the services of tourist buses. In this case, you can choose a route to your liking, save on transport and learn a lot of new and interesting things about the capital.

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