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Holidays in China in December: resorts, monasteries, photos, prices

Holidays in China in December: resorts, monasteries, photos, prices

China is far from the most popular destination for mass domestic tourists, but this is clearly temporary. In the last decade, more and more compatriots are sent to the Middle Kingdom to get acquainted with an exotic, deep and surprisingly elegant culture.

Since China is a huge country, you can relax here in different ways. Talking about the weather in December in this country is not easy. In the North there are frosts up to 30-40 degrees, and in the South at the same time you can safely swim in the warm sea and sunbathe on the beach. It all depends on your preferences: whether you decided to run away from winter, or, on the contrary, want to plunge into the snowy and frosty splendor of northern China.

Lovers of attractions

The Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the skyscrapers of Shanghai - everyone can choose something special, interesting, unusual and bright.

Fans of oriental antiquity, museums, vernissages, art events, theater-goers, ballet lovers can find here something interesting all year round. And the month of December will add New Year's bustle and Christmas discounts in shopping centers to the existing beauties.

There are several places that you just need to visit in China, in addition to the already named Walls and the Forbidden City.

Potala Palace

Center of World Buddhism in Tibet. For $ 11, namely the entrance ticket costs so much, you can not only examine the main stronghold of the followers of the teachings of Tsarevich Gautama, you can rethink your whole life and begin to try to fill your existence with deep meaning and harmony.


The main monastery of the Middle Kingdom. Tourists are allowed absolutely into all the premises of the monastery, the history of which is so rich and complicated that one excursion is often not enough. An entrance ticket of 100 yuan is a scanty fee, and impressions will last a lifetime.

If you wish, you can live here for 6 months, observing all the rules and improving your body and soul.

Hong Kong

The financial Mecca of Asia has recently become an integral part of China again. To see with your own eyes this island of frank capitalism in communist China is not an opportunity to miss. Here, by the way, there are the richest museums and galleries of the republic, and night clubs, restaurants, parks, shopping centers can impress the most sophisticated shopping lovers.

China beachesOn the beach in China

Beach lovers

Hainan Island is the most successful competitor to the most famous and coveted beach resorts. It takes tourists all year round. White beaches, crystal clear and warm sea, cozy hotels and luxurious restaurants - all these joys of the island cost tourists much cheaper than European and American tropical resorts.

Monkey Island, Pirate Island, hot springs, Butterfly Valley - all of these tempting and popular tourist destinations are located on Hainan Island.

The undoubted advantage of the Chinese tropics is the fact that the prices here are very affordable and the level of service is the highest.

Ski lovers

And in this category, China is increasingly declaring itself. Hubei, Yabuli, Beidahae - these names are not too well-known in Europe, but every year the number of European skiers in these resorts is growing exponentially.

Here you can find tracks of any complexity, excellent ski equipment, schools, instructors, hotels, entertainment programs.

Medical tourism and treatment

During this winter time, a visit to China for the purpose of treatment and health promotion costs almost half as much as in summer. Private clinics, experienced specialists, a non-standard approach to treatment and relative cheapness - all this attracts those who decided to cure a chronic disease, strengthen their immunity, and cleanse their body of toxins.

Tour operators are increasingly offering customers special tours that allow you to combine relaxation with treatment.

Christmas, Hong KongChristmas, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Christmas

This event requires a special discussion. Christmas for the homeland of Confucius is not a national holiday, but they celebrate it on the same scale as in Europe, if not cooler. Sales, bazaars, discounts, entertainment - all at this time a tourist will find here.

Stunning beauty and taste of the exhibition-tasting of Chinese cuisine attract a huge number of tourists.

Prices for tours to China in December

Tours to China cost a little more than European, which is connected, first of all, with an expensive flight. But the tours themselves are no more expensive. About $ 1,000 per person will cost a five-day tour along with a flight.

New Year's Eve and longer trips cost from 1,500 to 2,500 dollars per person.

A December trip to Hainan is usually no more expensive than a trip to Beijing or Shanghai.

Leading experts believe that China is the most promising tourist nation, the cost of travel to which will only increase. Is it time to go? Until prices rise ...

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