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Stockholm Technical Museum (Tekniska Museet)

Stockholm Technical Museum (Tekniska Museet)

Museum Island or Djurgården in Stockholm is full of the most attractive offers for tourists with any preferences. Many, seeing the sign of the Technical Museum, frown or shrug: This is for those who are interested, and will pass by a very interesting and non-standard institution, which is visited by 200 thousand people a year. Agree that to collect all the technical inventions of the country for 5000 years, the idea is original. There are very few such museums in the world, to be precise, there are certainly no such museums anywhere else.

On an area of ​​10 square kilometers there are museum exhibitions dedicated to the development of industry in Sweden, mechanical engineering, electricity, aviation, computer industry and high-tech industries. Do not be afraid of such a dry definition of the subject matter of exhibits, because everyone is interested in seeing the oldest drill or spyglass in Galileo itself in Europe.

Strings of mechanisms, machines, tools, fixtures demonstrate the progress of all of humanity, and not just Sweden.

Children are especially interested in the museum. The organizers made sure that a number of exhibits could not only be touched, but also try to work with them on their own.

There is a separate section in the museum dedicated to Swedish inventors, designers and scientists. It’s just amazing how many Swedes invented all the necessary, useful and important things.

Undoubtedly, the most attractive in the museum is the cinema, in which films on the themes of technological progress are shown. All films are in 4D format, which means that the viewer is pleased not only with a three-dimensional picture, but also with smells, water splashes and moving chairs. Visitors to the cinema are either in the mouth of a volcano or in space, have time to fly around the entire planet, or even just learn to fly. You will have to pay extra for visiting this cinema (adults 80, and children 40 CZK).

A very instructive museum exhibit dates back to the beginning of the 21st century - it is a pirate computer server that has been operating in Sweden for several years and allowed users all over the world to download music for free, violating copyrights. After capturing a group of hackers and confiscating all the equipment, this server took its place in the museum. Also a technical achievement!

The museum implements extensive subject matter and exciting content lectures. The library holds about 50 thousand volumes of the rarest books of scientific content.

In 2014, the Technical Museum in Stockholm celebrated its 90th anniversary, anniversary events, exhibitions, workshops, courses and seminars, attracted a huge number of visitors and the institution became no less popular in Stockholm than other well-known museums.

Like most museums in Stockholm, the Technical Museum is open until 5 pm, weekends only at Christmas and in June (23-24, when the Swedes celebrate the ancient holiday of the summer solstice).

Entrance fees for adults - 120 CZK. Children from 7 to 19 years old need to pay 40 CZK. Everyone has the opportunity to view the exposition for free - every Wednesday from 5 to 8 pm there is no entrance fee.

It is best to get to the museum from the center by 69 buses, the bus stop is Museiparken.

Watch the video: Robots exhibition at Museum of Technology in Stockholm, 2019 (January 2021).