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Where and how to relax in Munich in December: photos, weather, prices and tours

Where and how to relax in Munich in December: photos, weather, prices and tours

December joys of Munich meet tourists already at the airport! A unique case when the entire territory between the terminals of the air gates of the city and the whole of Bavaria for a whole month (from November 25 to December 24) turns into a huge Christmas market. Many tourists, having arrived in Munich, cannot get out of the airport for several hours, so this colorful and fragrant bargain is so fascinating.

If you arrived from the capital of Bavaria in December, most likely you already know that the noisiest and most fun Christmas is celebrated here. A whole month before Christmas, the city feeds, drinks and entertains numerous tourists, who usually gather several million!

At this time, the magnificent halls of the largest museums in Munich are usually empty. Not to art - neither to the Germans themselves, nor to numerous tourists. As soon as you leave the hotel, you are captivated by a festive whirlwind. Inexperienced tourists run the risk of spending all day in Christmas markets and attractions. Therefore, it is worth knowing all about the weather in Munich at this time.

Weather in Munich in December

Mild winters in southern Germany allow Russian tourists to walk around the city without any problems. The minus temperature is only at night, during the day the thermometer column is in the black. All December passes without severe frosts, but you don’t have to expect much heat either: the temperature fluctuates around the zero mark, rising to + 5 degrees during the day and dropping to-5 degrees at night. There is practically no rain or heavy snow here. The number of sunny and clear days exceeds the number of cloudy ones.

Each tourist should, first of all, think about comfortable and warm shoes - you will have to walk a lot.

What in the Christmas season can not be missed in Munich?


Mozart, Liszt and Schubert liked to drop by this huge beer restaurant. Here, over a beer, Lenin and his comrades discussed the creation of the Iskra newspaper, and Adolf Hitler in these halls promised the gullible Germans an earthly paradise.

The room itself, where this beer paradise is located, was practically destroyed during the war and restored only in the late 50s of the last century. One thing remained unchanged - beer and atmosphere. The service here is truly German: no one will run after you and look for a free table for you, look for it yourself.

Most often, several companies gather at long tables at once. We saw a free place - boldly occupy it. And indecisive tourists often drunken Germans themselves seated closer to themselves to chat and clink glasses with huge liter mugs full of foamy German joy.

In addition to beer, you should definitely try pork shank with stewed cabbage. Well and, of course, enjoy the real German atmosphere of the institution: noisy, fun and comfortable. Often Russian tourists are only here and spend all the days of their visit to Munich. There will be enough impressions for the whole year!


The central square of the Bavarian capital is worthy of attention at any time of the year. In December, it turns into a lush, odorous, sonorous, noisy and colorful fair. In addition to a variety of souvenirs, rather useless, but very bright, it is worth to enjoy hot culinary, roasted chestnuts, as well as numerous gingerbread cookies and marzipans.

Children will be delighted with flashing music carousels strolling around St. Nicholas Square, as well as the giant Christmas tree.

Wittelsbacher Platz

Here you can plunge into the impeccably medieval atmosphere. The sellers here are in amusing tights and canvas wraps, and the goods they sell are like museum exhibits. A wild boar is fried every day only on this square in the center on a huge skewer, the meat of which can be enjoyed by everyone.

In total, about a hundred fairs take place in Munich during this joyful and fun time. It will take a month to get around everything, so you can’t sit back during the December visit.

December shopping in Munich

In addition to fairs and other street entertainments, at this time the most economical shopping in the city's shopping centers. The Germans, as a very prudent people, at this time buy clothes a year in advance. Tourists actively join them.

It would not seem strange, but after December 25th in Munich it becomes very casual and quiet. All the fun ends abruptly and quickly. The cost of tours at this time is high, there are a lot of people who want to enjoy the German Christmas revelry.

Christmas tours must be purchased in advance, in which case the trip will not be so expensive.

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