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Holidays in Spain in December: festivals, prices, tours and photos

Holidays in Spain in December: festivals, prices, tours and photos

Warm, sunny, hot Spain cools in winter, tired of numerous tourists during the spring-summer season. In December, when the temperature in the country of Cervantes and Velazquez does not rise above 15 degrees, and frosts occur at night, it offers its guests its own special entertainment that can not be found anywhere else.

Spanish mountains in winter

Few people remember that the mountains of Spain are full of various ski resorts. By the level of services and the quality of the tracks, these resorts are in no way inferior to the fashionable and well-known Alpine. And the price level is much calmer. To all, we can add that only in Spain, while skiing, you can admire the amazing ocean scenery, as well as in clear weather to see the African coast.

Most of the snowy slopes collect skiers in the Barcelona area. Here are the most elegant hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Sierra nevadaSierra nevadaSierra nevada

Spain is justly proud the southernmost ski resort in Europe - Sierra Nevada. The tracks are difficult, only experienced skiers can handle them. But the landscapes here are simply breathtaking, and the restaurants serve truly delicious Spanish cuisine.

Islands of spain in winter

In winter, the islands of Spain are still a topical vacation spot. However, if the Canary Islands even in December can offer tourists the most summertime entertainment and beach vacations (temperatures range around 20 degrees), then the Balears at this time are not suitable for beach vacations. Here, historical sights, the medieval atmosphere of castles, towns, fortresses become relevant. At this time, knightly festivals are held in the Baleares: colorful and exciting spectacles.

Cities of Spain - what to do in the winter?

All December Spain is waiting for Christmas: bright and noisy fairs open in all major cities. Carousels, sweets, souvenirs, delicacies - all the joys of life are available at this time at very reasonable prices. The number of tourists at the beginning of the month is small, so there are absolutely no lines to museums, entertainment parks, exhibition halls and restaurants always have a free table.

Madrid, winterWinter Madrid

The winter capital of Spain is beautiful

The winter capital of the Kingdom of Spain welcomes tourists with cloudy weather and cool air. But in December there is plenty of entertainment available not only for adults, but also for children.

Madrid is an old and very unusual city. Initially multinational, the city was built taking into account the traditions of many peoples. The architecture here is vibrant and very diverse.

It is pleasant and informative for travelers with children to spend the whole day at the zoo with an aquarium and a terrarium. Rare species of animals, amazing variety of marine life and reptiles, well-equipped playgrounds and much more.

Two amusement parks in winter only work on weekends, but at full strength.

Few people know but Madrid Circus - one of the most famous in Europe. The programs here change every three months, and in December, when the special Christmas program takes place all month, there are practically no empty seats.

It would be superfluous to recall that the Prado Museum is open all year, and Spanish painting is one of the most interesting in the world.

Waiting for tourists and other cities in Spain. Zaragoza, Toledo, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Cordoba - each city is full of wonders and surprises. Traveling through Spain in this non-hot time, you can get acquainted not only with modern Spanish culture, but also with the rich past of a great country that has survived no less glorious Muslim times.

Spanish winter festivals and holidays

Constitution Day of Spain (December 6) - a magnificent and splendid Spanish national holiday. In the capital, you can easily visit the parliament meeting hall or government apartments, admire the chic fireworks, take part in mass festivities.

Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception Day (December 8) - on this day it is worth visiting a festive service in one of the cathedrals. Strict and solemn service in Spanish (Lomonosov believed that Spanish is for communication with God!) Will set in a special way, make you think about Christmas approaching.

Christmas and New Year in Spain - it all depends on where in Spain to celebrate these holidays. If you are a fan of exotics - you are on the islands. Here it is possible to celebrate the most winter holidays in summer, to try exotic dishes of Arab-Iberian cuisine.

Flamenco festivals - In December, the Spaniards dance. They dance so hotly and selflessly that it seems winter itself is afraid of the passions in these dances. Flamenco festivals take place in several cities at once.

Tours and prices for a trip to Spain in winter

Buying a last-minute tour to Spain in December is easy. At this time, most tourists choose other destinations. This is on hand. The usual average price for a weekly tour in one of the cities or resorts in Spain will cost 1500 - 2000 dollars (excluding visa costs).

You can go on a short trip (3-4 days), in which case the tour will cost $ 700-800.

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