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Portrait of Daniel Henry Canweiler, Picasso, 1910

Portrait of Daniel Henry Canweiler, Picasso, 1910

Portrait of Daniel Henry Canweiler - Pablo Picasso. 101.1x73.3

In 1910, Picasso with unprecedented enthusiasm creates several works in a new aesthetic actually created by him. Tireless in the search for models for portraits, the author is interested in this particular genre, a new vision of a person and his inner world is especially brightly and unusually manifested in it, the master persuades some of his gallery friends to pose. Kanweiler among them is the most ardent admirer of the talent of the master.

A two-toned pile of geometrically accurate figures in a second begins to take shape in a portrait. It is not easy for the viewer to keep the image breaking up into components, and also to build a real image of the model. But after just a few minutes, everyone is convinced that the man in the portrait is smiling, that his posture betrays some embarrassment, constraint.

Incredibly, the audience begins to see a neatly combed head, an elegant and impeccable costume. The portrait gradually reveals the character of the hero, especially his inner attitude.

The work was sold to an American collector and for a long time pleased only the owner's friends and business partners. Then the work entered the Art Institute of Chicago as a gift from a collector.

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