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The Royal Palace museums

The Royal Palace museums

For an inexperienced person who has long forgotten that kings, princesses and princes are not only the heroes of beautiful fairy tales, but also the real rulers of quite modern and developed states (though the rulers are very conditional and limited in their power, but does this change anything ?), it will be interesting to get to the museums of the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

In Sweden - a democratic country and very simple in every sense - you can easily go to visit the king. Of course, figuratively: tourists are allowed on excursions to the main residence of the royal family in Stockholm. Moreover, there are several museums and expositions, so you can spend quite a lot of time in this solemn and beautiful house.

Traditionally, the entire palace is divided into the Royal Family’s State Apartments, the Museum of the Three Crowns, the Treasury and the Museum of Antiquity.

Royal apartments

In this part of the palace are all the most important state receptions and banquets. Therefore, you can not always get here. However, even if something happens here, tourists are always informed when access to the most luxurious rooms will resume. What can you see here?

1. State Apartments - what is surely shown to foreign guests during diplomatic receptions and meetings of heads of foreign states. Nine halls, one more beautiful than the other, appear to the public. Each hall is a reminder of the great past of Sweden, the heyday of the state. Today, there is a reception hall (throne room), a fantastically beautiful ballroom, a king’s bedroom (no one is sleeping in it now, more and more are shown), official rooms for negotiations with guests.

2. Apartments Bernadotte - An enfilade of rooms of the ruling dynasty of kings. The walls are hung with portraits of monarchs, and nearby are the former premises for royal bodyguards.

3. Guest apartments - the name itself reveals the purpose of this part of the palace. It is here that the heads of state stay, who come on an official visit to Sweden. A fabulous beauty that simultaneously creates coziness and a homely atmosphere.

4. State Hall - the place where the king opened every session of parliament until 1975. Now the king has to go to the parliament building to open the parliament, and the hall itself is used for the most official and important receptions. A particularly valuable exhibit in the hall is the silver throne of Queen Christina.

5. Exhibition of Orders and Medals - Included in the Royal apartment. A collection of medals and state awards of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Museum of the Three Crowns

For the first time, wooden fortifications in the place where the palace now stands were built by the Vikings in the early 10th century. Then the wooden fortress was replaced by a stone one, and the palace that we see today was born at the very end of the 17th century, in the era of the late Scandinavian Renaissance.

In the Museum of the Three Crowns, one can get acquainted with the history of all fortifications, castles, palaces that have stood in this place since time immemorial. Models of fortifications, fortresses, castles are made with unprecedented accuracy and remarkable skill.

Treasure chest

As befits any royal family, the Swedish Bernadotts carefully preserve state regalia and symbols in the cellars of their palace. Here you can see royal swords, crowns, scepters and even a silver font, which is still used during the baptism of infants of the royal family. For over 40 years, everyone can enjoy all of these jewelry in Sweden.

Museum of Antiquity

The collection of sculptures, assembled by King Gustav III, who was an avid lover of ancient art, at first delighted only monarch's eyes. A string of excellent examples of Roman sculpture is located in the palace gallery, so you can see it only in the summer months.

Location: landmark - Gamla Stan metro station, the very center of the city.

Tickets: adults - 150 CZK, children 50% discount.

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