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Silence, Levitan, 1898

Silence, Levitan, 1898

Silence - Levitan. 96x128

The rich colors and the apparent gloominess of this work made it invisible in the work of the great Russian master of landscape. It is known that during this period he was especially attracted to the theme of twilight, completion, completion of something. Thus, the genius of Russian painting summed up his intense creative activity.

Evening is replaced by night. There is still no darkness, but the day managed to say goodbye to the earth, and the night is late. This fuzzy moment became the subject of the image. The riverbank is napping, annoyed by the hasty bird fuss. The waning moon peers into a falling asleep village. Clouds fell asleep in the sky. Everything slowly falls into a stupor. Soon the night will come, and not a single rustle will be heard before sunrise. Nature will rest with people in the morning to start a new working day with them.

It is known that the master for a long time could not achieve the right mood, the right atmosphere of the picture. He created numerous sketches, several times rewrote the work again. Creative maturity, experience and skill are present in every stroke. Work is devoid of any anxiety. The viewer observes the eternal and unshakable order of things. Which no one can change.

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