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Painting Country, Savras, 1873

Painting Country, Savras, 1873

Countryside - Savrasov. 57x70

The work was not intended for the general public. When she appeared at the exhibition, she made the most favorable impression on the public and criticism.

What could be worse than the Russian road of the 19th century? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps, all classics of Russian literature wrote about road troubles. Here the author shows a small section of a country road after heavy rain ... But the mud and slag find their unusual appeal, elegance and natural beauty.

The author, first of all, admires the nature that has come to life in the rain, the reflection of the sky in puddles, the desire of trees to touch the sky.

Even formidable clouds left after the rain do not scare, and practically do not affect the peppy and unusually fresh atmosphere of the picture.

The rich, rich tones that the master uses create an expressive coloring of the work. An unusually masterful work with light fills the picture with illusory nature and balances the severity of the basic tones. The spectral purity of the colors further enhances the effect of freshness that came after heavy rain.

The prospect of work does not divert the viewer's attention beyond the horizon. She makes him pay attention to the natural beauty of nature, regardless of the weather. The master proves that the beauty of Russian nature cannot be dependent on the vagaries of the elements. It's all about a person’s ability to see beauty in everything.

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