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The most unusual sculptures and monuments of the world: 10 photos

The most unusual sculptures and monuments of the world: 10 photos

The fantasies of sculptors, especially modern ones, have no limits. Many works are really full of meaning, difficult to understand and deserve serious analysis, but more often than not, the authors splash out an ironic perception of a consumer society, protests against corrupted moral principles, conservatism, etc.
Perhaps today you cannot find a country where there would not be at least one sculpture that does not fit into any framework for the perception of traditional art.

Jens Galschiot graced Copenhagen Street with his composition The Official Themis. Passers-by with amazement perceive this unusual, but full of the artist’s civil position, work. An ugly fat naked lady with weights in her hands sits on the fragile shoulders of an exhausted African. Sculpture at its core is a protest against double standards, the processes of globalization, the imposition of the only true point of view.

The work of Yaroslav Ron The figure with a skull, which is located in the Czech city of Mikulov, was created to once again remind people of the mortality of life and the inevitability of death.

Touching and lyrical Skeletons in love in the Thai city of Nong Kai. Love is immortal - the author claims in such an unusual way.

Russia is also full of unusual sculptures and monuments. What is, for example, the Monument enema in Zheleznovodsk! Cheerful, healthy and grateful children, like little Atlantes, hold a huge bronze enema on their shoulders. It is symbolic that the sculpture stands on the territory of the sanatorium. However, the idea of ​​the author cannot but surprise.

The sculpture by Dennis Oppenheim is an inverted church, piercing its tower into the ground. The author’s name does not fully understand the author’s idea: A device for eradicating evil.

Surprising monument to the governor of La Trobe in Melbourne. Quite a traditional sculpture on a pedestal. It is unusual that the monument is installed on the contrary: the support falls on the head of the sculpture, and the monument hangs in the air. Most likely, the author hints at the geographical position of Australia from the point of view of a European. The truth is not entirely clear what does the governor have to do with it?

Finnish artist Eila Hiltunen approached non-standardly to create a monument to Sibelius - 600 steel pipes welded together. The opening of this miracle of modern art was attended by the entire political elite of Finland. The ceremony almost ended in scandal, but the sculpture still stands.

The Millennium Park in Chicago is known for several attractions, but the most favorite attraction for tourists and residents is being photographed near Mirror Bean. In fact, the sculpture is called the Gate of Heaven. The author of this miracle - Anish Kapoor - conceived the sculpture in the form of a mercury drop that fell to the ground. It turned out something else - the townspeople called the work a bean.

The same author not so long ago pleased the public with a new work - Tall Tree and Eye. The high tower of mirror balls, installed in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts, is not only an unusual sculpture, but also a monument of engineering and progress in the chemical industry. The thing is that the spheres themselves are made of an unusual metal alloy, which is resistant to oxidation, so the sculpture is always perfectly mirror. And the design itself is held by non-standard mounts.

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