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Museum of Military History of Moscow (Museum of the Knights in Moscow)

Museum of Military History of Moscow (Museum of the Knights in Moscow)

Despite the understandable and specific name, this institution cannot be attributed exclusively to the museum type. The museum itself is only part of the historical and cultural center of Setunsky camp. Therefore, when planning a visit here, you need to keep in mind that you can spend the whole day there, and it is very interesting to spend.

The Museum of Military History offers visitors a collection of all kinds of weapons and military equipment and armor. There are no historical artifacts. Almost everything is recreated from old drawings and descriptions.

The undoubted advantage of this institution is the democratic spirit and the permission to touch everything, try on yourself, take pictures and even participate in a playful battle. A visit to the torture chamber, which is included in the museum’s exposition, will appeal to those who love the bloody details of the medieval history of Russia. In all the halls of the museum, as well as in the territory of the complex, groups of visitors are accompanied not by a boring guide, but by a real Russian warrior from the era of Yuri Dolgoruky.

But a visit to the museum usually completes a visit to the center of Setunsky camp. In addition to the museum, this complex attracts tourists with its diverse activities, creative workshops, military-historical reconstructions and much more. The thing is that stuntmen, both former and current, have chosen this place. Therefore, the activities of the center are of a special nature.

On the territory of the camp, which is made in the form of an old Russian fortress with a military field, tents, a forge, a torture room and many other entertainments.

There is a stunt school in the center, you can try your hand at fighting without rules, do martial arts or ordinary fitness.

It offers visitors an art and theater school, playgrounds for parkour and bike trial.

The most famous event of the center is the reconstruction of the Legend of Russia. This performance includes a demonstration of the battle of Russian heroes with knights and Tatars, an imitation of the combat training of young men, as well as theatrical battles (khan and Russian princess). All reconstructions end with a convincing victory of ours, which leads the audience into complete delight.

Visits with the full program take place only by prior request in groups. But often there are fairs and other public events, these days everyone can see all the entertainments and participate in them.

A photographer works in the Setunsky camp. Here you can ride horses.

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