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Sculptures and monuments in Chelyabinsk, photo

Sculptures and monuments in Chelyabinsk, photo

Chelyabinsk is a city of Soviet monuments covered in legends and legends. Local sculptors Golovnitsky and Zaikov created a dynamic, dramatic sculpture, not like hundreds of other faceless monuments to the leader. Lenin, as if in motion, overcoming resistance, going against the road.

One mystical story is associated with this sculpture. Immediately after the monument was erected in the 1950s, people began to die in a deluxe hotel in a suite. There were rumors that at night the leader’s pointing hand grows to incredible sizes and strangles everyone who has settled in the best room of the best hotel. KGB officers, who found out that the play of light and shadow, was to blame, dealt with the matter. In a word, a dark story. However, it is known that the monument was redone after this incident. The pointing hand was placed in the leader’s pocket.

The monument dedicated to the memory of the heroes of the Komsomol members Orlyonok is located on the Scarlet Field. The author of the monument was A. Golovnitsky. The four-meter figure of the young hero is made in bronze. Out of size, large clothes, a stern face, a tense pose. On the one hand, we face an adult courageous man, on the other hand, the author managed to preserve the traits of a boyish character. The sculpture rightfully belongs to the best examples of Soviet art.

On the forecourt there is a monument called The Tale of the Urals. The monument was supposed to symbolize the physical strength and creative power of the Ural masters. Unfortunately, the monument was erected in a shorter time, so there was a change in the author’s intention. The sculpture turned out to be excessively heavy and harsh. Not so long ago there was a tradition to put on a figure of Santa Claus caftan in winter, which mitigates the severity of the sculpture, at the same time, completely deprives it of its inherent meaning.

A favorite meeting place for Chelyabinsk students is a monument to Kurchatov, erected in the mid-80s of the 20th century. The author of the project was artist A. Avakyan. The monument is a composition of Kurchatov’s sculpture and two pylons, which symbolically depict atom fission. Initially, the monument was equipped with a complex lighting system, which was soon damaged. The electrical component of the monument was fully restored only in 2006.

The sculpture to the volunteer tankers was installed in 1975 and is dedicated to the anniversary of the Great Victory. The monument perpetuated the memory of those volunteers who in 1943 formed a separate tank corps. The monument became a symbol of the inextricable link between the front and the rear of the country during the war.

In Chelyabinsk, you can find monuments to the hero reconnaissance Kuznetsov, many figures of the Soviet era. Within the city there are several memorials dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, as well as a sculpture dedicated to the revolutionary railway workers, made by S. Savochkin.

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